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ONFounded in 1994, Intellibyte has a long history of software innovation to solve the challenges of data broadcasting. Our experience began with the creation of system and application software for bi-directional interactive television systems based on integrated cable modem technology.

1995 - 2001 - With the emergence of digital television we created a suite of application development tools and data broadcast utilities that optimized both the creation of applications and bandwidth required to power them. Example applications included HTML browsers, e-mail applications and electronic program guides (EPGs) for the then nascent digital television broadcast industry.

As an outcome of these innovations, Intellibyte was asked to participate in the development of a standardised mechanism for Over-the-Air System Software Updates (OTA-SSU). The first open standard Intellibyte helped to define was EuroLoader which became the basis for the DVB-SSU standard ETSI TS 102-006.

2001 - 2003 - These open standard mechanisms helped to establish a framework for the rapid deployment of digital broadcast receiving devices and an effective method to ensure correct system software for the entire life cycle of the devices.

2003 - Today - The expertise required to efficiently transmit software updates allowed Intellibyte to broaden our technology offerings to include all forms of broadcast data transmission.

Intelliybte remains focussed on the development and licensing of systems for the high performance broadcast of all types of DVB and ATSC data.

Our broad and deep experience and proven intellectual property comes from a long history of carefully understanding how to best serve our customers. Industry leaders have been relying on our technology and services for years.