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"IBL" OTA-SSU Solutions

end to end solutions to support the creation, broadcast, and reception of system software updates

The system level software resident in memory of consumer premises devices such as STBs will require update at some point during its lifecycle. Many standards have emerged which allow manufacturers to deploy devices in numerous geographic regions. The intellibyte solution includes components for the creation of Transport Stream (TS) files from the binary software image ("IBL-Tools"), a Data Broadcast Carousel ("IBX-620") to transmit the TS data files and a source code library stack ("IBL") to decrease a manufacturers' time to market.

IBL diagram

Intellibyte SSU solutions have renowned reliability and can be used by manufactures, digital media distributors, system integrators, network operators and anyone else who needs to transmit System Software Update (SSU) data for digital broadcast receiving devices.

  • IBL-Tools makes it easy to prepare, multiplex and transmit Digital Storage Media (DSM) output files on standard Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) MPEG transport streams
  • Installed in any receiving device, the IBL source code loader library provides proven and reliable reception and processing of DSM files.

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