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IBX 600 Series Platform

Reliable, real-time Data, SI and EPG processing, manipulation, re-aggregation and broadcast

A platform for capturing, generating, modifying and inserting MPEG-SI, DVB-SI, ATSC PSIP, EPG and DSM-CC data in to MPEG streams. The foundation of the platform is the IBX 600 1U rack-mounted chassis with minimal software that allows the transmission of PAT, PMT, TOT and TDT. Rarely used alone, the IBX-600 is normally combined with additional modules on the same server. The result is a configurable and scalable solution that can be used to meet a wide range of complex requirements.


- The ability to generate, edit and inject SI data and transmit NIT, BAT and SDT through a single or multiple terminals (actual/other), while continually maintaning data consistency and integrity

diagram 600 series

pdf icon IBX-610 SI Generation System


- DSM-CC data broadcast carousel (DBC) functionality primarily to support simultaneous, multi-standard OTA-SSU solutions

620 functional diagram

pdf icon IBX-620 SLB Software Download Server


- the ability to generate, edit and inject EPG data, and transmit DVB-EIT (actual/other), present/following tables.

pdf icon EPG Generation System


- All of the IBX-630 features, plus real-time EPG data re-aggregation and broadcast

640 functional diagram

pdf icon EIT Merger and EPG Generation System


- Custom solutions specific to your needs